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    I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting and enough loss to appreciate all that you possess...

    - Bob Perks


    Mickey Redwine - Select Achievements
    A sampling of personal and corporate achievements

    Mickey Redwine - Awarded Two U.S. Patents

    Awarded Two U.S. Patents
    On boring tools & sold licensing rights of several others.

    Dynamic Cable Sets a World Record

    Dynamic Cable Sets a World Record
    For a directional bore (6,600 ft.) under the Potomac River near Washington D.C.

    Mickey Redwine - Gubernatorial Appointment

    Gubernatorial Appointment by Texas Governor Rick Perry
    Commissioner to the TX Residential Construction Commission.

    Mickey Redwine - Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court

    Appointed by the Texas Supreme Court
    State Bar Board of Directors (public member)

    More Personal & Corporate Achievements ?

    Welcome to Mickey Redwine's Website
    For more information about Mickey Redwine's personal and corporate achievements, please browse using the links above.

    Mickey Redwine, Texas businessman and entrepreneur, has long taken an active part in the development of the telecommunication's business sector in both the U.S. and Mexico. The owner of three telecom-based corporations, his "Dynamic" companies are now managed by Dynamic Cable Holdings, Inc..

    Mickey, now retired from traditional telecom roles, has turned the management/operations of his three companies over to longtime and trusted Dynamic Cable Holdings corporate officers. Never one to slow down, Mickey has personally diverged into a consultant/entrepreneur and visionary telecom investor, specializing in prodigious projects both nationally and internationally.

    Dynamic Cable Holdings: Companies
    D.C.H's companies are highly respected and well-known throughout the telecom industry & have carved out a niche for themselves by taking on tough & unusual jobs that most other contractors tend to shy away from.

    Dynamic Cable Construction Co., L. P. and Light Link Networks, L. P. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Dynamic Cable Holdings, Inc.. Dynamic Cable Holdings is wholly-owned by Mickey Redwine. Visit Lightlink Networks Website Visit Dynamic Cable's Website